Sunday, August 11, 2013

French Toast Goodness with Bananas

Woohooo! First blog post ever is going up!!!!!

Ok, done with the excitement. But it is exciting, isn't it?

Anywho, on to why we are really here. To talk about pure deliciousness! And the focus today? Ummm...amazing French Toast Goodness. Because who doesn't love french toast? That cinnamony fall flavor is like nothing else. Not to mention that amazing moment when you cut into your first piece and that warm gooey syrup seeps out just a little, enough to tease you before you take that first amazing bite. Ok, I'm getting a little carried away, but seriously this stuff is plate licking good.

And what do I have to thank for the idea to make french toast? Because let's be real, no way I make my self breakfasts this delicious every morning. Extra eggs! Yup, that's it. The husband needed 1 egg for a recipe he was going to be making, and I needed 2 eggs for a Blueberry Banana Bread I am going to be making (post to come soon!). But we only had 2 eggs in the fridge, so of course we had to buy more eggs. And since eggs at most grocery stores don't come in singles, we thought our surplus of eggs was a good excuse to make something special for breakfast. And the fact that it was a particularly cool morning in Bristol today made it that much better to bite into this baby! All that was missing was a hot pumpkin spice latte! I will SO be making that soon...I will!

Oh, and what's that tucked away in between two slices of fresh warm french toast you ask? Well ok, you probably could use your deductive reasoning skills to figure out from the title of this post that yeah, it's bananas! I'll admit, I'm not typically a huge banana fan. I think the husband is half monkey with the amount he eats. But sometimes, they really do make a dish...and this dish, is one of those dishes. So enough babbling, lets get down to business!

So I got together my ingredients. Cinnamon, pumpkin spice, nutmeg, vanilla extract...

milk, eggs, bread, bananas...

I know, I know...there are no bananas in these pictures. I forgot to take a picture of the one ingredient that I just got through saying, makes the dish! Dummy. 

Next, I cracked the eggs into the bowl (I prefer a flat bottom to fully submerge the bread) and added all those lovely fall spices and flavors a long with some milk.

Yeah don't worry, it's not going to look pretty. Just mix until most of those huge spice chunks are gone, but several will still remain. Now, it was time for those bread slices to go for a swim. And then, onto the pan you go little one! I used some butter on the pan to keep the bread from sticking. 

Cooked it on medium heat until both sides were a beautiful golden brown. Once the first slice was done, I put it on the plate an immediately cut up half a banana and placed them on top. The heat from the french toast warms up the banana and makes it that much more flavorful!

I then topped it with some Agave Nectar and cooked the next slice. My sister introduced me to this beauty! Not as high in sugar as honey, but still naturally delish. My husband was VERY skeptical about not using maple syrup but I said "Trust me, it's gonna be good!". And right I was!

Aww, look...a french toast sandwhich! Ummm, yes please! I then added a bit more cinnamon on top, some more Agave Nectar, and just a sprinkle of powdered sugar. 

And then, both the husband and I devoured it. I promise, I didn't actually lick the plate despite my comment on this being "plate licking good". It just looks like that because I ran my last piece along the WHOLE plate to make sure I didn't leave any goodness behind. Don't judge me! I like my food and my food likes me!

And that's it. Took not more than 30 mins to make, and about 2 minutes to eat every last morsel.


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